Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ha det bra, tack thomas, hej!

I only have three days left.  I'm getting ready today to go out on another solo mission to take pictures.  The weather is decent, but Sunday is supposed to be really bad weather, so I am making sure I get out again today at least.  I have gotten some good pictures while I am here, and have gotten a good experience.  While the administrators from my school are quite slow, and don't really know what they are doing, I guess it is good I came here to Stockholm.  I don't think I will ever get an experience like this again.  Hopefully I will, but at least I got this one.

Well the title of this post is more of an inside joke to me, but to anyone who speaks Swedish, it is commonplace.  When people get off the phone here, they have certain greeting or salutations, and sometimes they are the same as at the beginning of the conversation.  People usually start the conversation out with hej, which means hello.  they also end the conversaion with hej, which is short for hej da, which means goodbye.

So, it is funny for me when people say hej, blah blah blah, then go to ha det bra, tack Thomas, hej!,  which means hello, blah blah blah, have a good one, thanks tom, see ya later.  

too bad i couldn't have spent more time learning the language.  If i had a class before I came over, I think I would be speaking quite a bit of Svensk by now.  well, I have to go, losing daylight over here.  

Hat de bra, hej!

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