Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last Day

So it is my last morning here in Stockholm.  I have been here for about 2.3 months now, and it has been a pretty good trip.  I have seen tons of things I have never gotten to see before, and done quite a few things that I will never get to do again.  

After everything, Stockholm was great.  It had some of the coolest buildings I have seen, and it really had a lot more to it than I figured an old city could have.  It was a really great experience to get the chance to see it all, and take it in.

Well, I am getting ready to leave to go to the airport, and I don't want to forget anything, so I have to go.  I hope you all like what you've been seeing/reading from Stockholm.  This blog has been fun, and I'll try and keep it up.

Oh yeah, I was wrong about the Semla.  It is still around.  I'm enjoying my last Semla as I type.

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