Thursday, January 31, 2008

1 month

I've been here for a month, and it has been going alright.  It is fairly expensive, but I've been getting along alright.  The apartment works, the weather is good.  It has been staying light quite a bit longer than when we first got here.  Been taking tons of pictures..

Haven't really eaten out at all, except for two subsidized lunches.  Other than that I've been eating everything here at home.  My body probably enjoys that, getting healthier food compared to the last two or three years.  Check that, ever since I moved out of my parent's house.

Tom and I are going to a concert next week.  We tried to go to a band called Iron & Wine a few weeks ago, but they were sold out.  So, we settled for a band called Jimmy Eat World.  It will be kind of a throwback concert, seeing as how I liked them my freshmen and sophomore year of college, but it should be good anyway.  Haven't really listened to them too much since then, but the songs I have i still like.  So it will be somewhat of a "re-discovery" concert, in the fact that I haven't heard their last two albums, so we will see how far they have come along.  

We could have also gone and seen MegaDeth, but decided against it.  Dave Mustaine is great and all, but I'm not really into him or his band.  On top of that, Metallica would be a better show.  Seeing as how once Dave was kicked out of the band he basically copied their style, but sells far less records from it.  

There are actually quite a few U.S. bands/artists coming through Stockholm in the next few months, but I probably won't get the chance to go see any more of them.  Unless it is a band I really like, I will probably just save my money.  Backstreet Boys are coming in April.  Luckily I'll be gone when that craze hits.

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