Saturday, January 19, 2008

Moderna Museet

Today Tom and I went to the Moderna Museet (Modern Museum) to check out some artwork.  We took advantage of the student discount, so we got in for 60 SEK.  So this place has works from artists such as Picasso, Dali, Matisse, Warhol, Oppenheim, and many others.  Today they opened a brand new exhibit featuring artists from Rio de Janeiro which was pretty cool.  Over all there wasn't quite as much artwork as I thought there would be, but I am glad we went to check it out. 

You weren't allowed to take pictures, which I thought was weak sauce, so I could only use my camera outside.  I don't get it, you can take pictures in The Louvre, but not here?  Anyways, I lugged my camera around all day for just a few snapshots, but either way, it turned out to be a good trip.


Dawna said...

These outside scuptures are fabulous! I love the color and size of them. They make me curious to see more of what might be inside. It's often common for museums to not allow photography inside. Depending on how they are presented, the flash can destroy the color. thanks for sharing!

Dawna said...

Lucas, I am here on St. Simon's Island Georgia. It's cold and the wind is very brisk! When I checked in they gave us an umbrella - I guess it must rain this time of year. But with the wind blowing like it is, I don't think an umbrella is going to be much good. After our conference is finished, we are heading up to Savannah...the home of Paula Deen. We plan on eating at her place!

dr. Luke said...

don't eat too much butter while you're there mom :)