Thursday, January 31, 2008

Logo Theft

In my friend Jeremy Straight's blog, he talks a little bit about idea theft in the EU.  There is some company called Gong Gong that is marketing a product that is basically SoBe.  After letting the coordinator know, the assignment was called off.  (pictures on his site)

I came across a bit of idea theft myself, well to be exact, logo theft.  I took this picture of a logo in a window (top), because it reminded me of the Westinghouse logo (bottom).   After getting home I looked up the Westinghouse logo, and sure enough it was almost exactly the same.  Flip it upside down, add some bells, take away the whistle, and you have it;  a professionally stolen logo.

I emailed them earlier about this issue ( so hopefully they will get back to me on the issue.  If they don't contact me by the end of the business day Feb. 5th, I told them that I will be contacting Westinghouse personally.  

They are probably just thinking tourist...   But I am thinking lawsuit.

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