Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sad news

To my faithful readers who know about Semla from a previous post, they are gone ( kindof ).  As I said earlier, Semla is a seasonal treat associated with lent, and even more so with Fat Tuesday.  Fat Tuesday is national Semla Day, and Semla is only served around a month or so.  I've been waiting for stores to start phasing Semla out, but they didn't.  One day it was just gone.  I couldn't find it anyway anymore.

Until today, I found a bakery that was selling them, (1 for the price of what I used to get 2 for) so I got one.  I haven't eaten it yet, I am actually writing this, then will probably eat it in the new few minutes.

Other than this lucky find, I will miss you Semla.  Semlor too.  Ha det bra.

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Dawna said...

our condolances, on the loss of such as Semla! We cannot imagine your sadness at this time!

g-ma and g-pa svaren, mom, dad and uncle wayne