Sunday, March 9, 2008

Subway Set

So today I played a solo show at the Gamla Stan tunnelbana (subway) station here in Stockholm.  I had been planning it forever, and really wanted to do it before I left, so I finally did it.  I thought it was legal to play music inside the subway stations, as long as you were outside the "gated" area.  There are always people playing the saxophone or accordion, and occasionally someone with a guitar as well, but far less common.

I left the apartment around 11:45, and took off towards Gamla Stan (Old Town).  When I got there, nobody was playing in the tunnel, so I set up shop and began playing.  I played for a few minutes without getting any money, then I started to get some.  I ended up only playing for 20 minutes, because the subway officials came and kicked me out.  Apparently you cannot play in the subway.  You have to be completely off the subway property.  It was quite fun though.  I ended up getting about 20 crowns and 1 euro, which totals almost $5.  Not bad for 20 minutes of playing.  Wish I had some pictures, but it was a great time.  I really wish I had done it earlier, but this will work out for a good story.


Dawna said...

sweet music to my James Taylor would say.

Paul said...

A subway musician, huh? You really make me laugh, sometimes. I'm glad you gave it a try.