Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Debaser Medis

We went to a Jimmy Eat World concert tonight.  I told you that it was a band that I was into way back when, but it turned out to be a cool show.  There were not too many people there (small venue), and we had a good spot, so we were able to see the show quite well.  I put up a few pics from my camera phone (which sucks) , but i also put up the set list which I was able to grab during the last few seconds of the concert.  Some other people were trying to get it too, but I put in the initiative, and got it ahead of everyone else.  Actually was a pretty good show, and I am glad that I went.  Swedish kids must be rich, but I am glad I went to one concert while I was here.


Anonymous said...
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Dawna said...

so is the concert in Swedish or english?

dr. Luke said...

english all the way.