Saturday, February 23, 2008


Today was a beautiful day.  The weather report said it was going to be rainy and gross, but it turned out to be one of the most beautiful days yet.  That is why I never listen to meteorologists.  Today Tom and I went to the Royal Armory Museum, as well as the Nobel Museum. 

The armory was really cool, a fun trip into medieval times.  We saw swords, cross bows, maces, old school armor, guns, shields, spears, etc.  We also saw lots of really old clothes, books, paintings, and a number of the old Royal Carriages.  Those were really cool.  The armory allowed pictures, so we took quite a few pictures of old armor and whatnot.

In between the two museums we walked around Gamla Stan ( Old Town ) for a bit, and took some pictures.  We also went to the store and bought some food.  I had this sandwich on some sort of bread that was great.  All i can remember about the sandwich really is the bread.  It was so good.  The bread ( actually a roll ) was awesome.  It was really cheap too, less than $2 USD.  

The Nobel Museum however was somewhat disappointing.  Not really very cool at all, and I don't even have any stories about it.  They didn't allow pictures either.  But, I guess it is cool to say I went.  

After that we walked around and took a few more pictures.  Was a pretty good day.

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