Saturday, February 16, 2008

Semla, The Scandinavian Treat

Semla is a great treat, I enjoy it a la mode.  Apparently is is a Scandinavian dessert associated with Lent, and has been around since the 1500's.  I've heard a few stories about it, but I don't know which ones are true.  It is only served for a few months out of the year, with Fat Tuesday being "National Semla Day."  I heard that is was originally made when the King told one of his bakers he wanted something new, or off with his head.  I don't know the real story, but read up on Semla with the following link.  While not as good as a cream puff in my opinion, I enjoyed the treat.


Dawna said...

so is that whipping cream in the center? and is the 'bread' light like a donut or more heavy like a bagel? I can't tell from the picture...but it certainly doesn't look low in calories. yum!!!

dr. Luke said...

the bread is more like cinnamon roll thickness, spiced with cardamon. inside is whipped cream and marzipan.

learn more at the wikipedia link. i don't know the in's and outs, just that they taste good.