Sunday, February 10, 2008

Got My Ears Lowered

So the other day I got a haircut.  I probably could have gone without one, but I was looking a little bit too shaggy for my liking.  So I went to a salong, no I didn't misspell that, it is salong.  I also could have went to the frisor ( the o has a  ¨  over it, but I cannot make that letter on my computer), but the salong looked more legitimate.  So I went in and asked if they spoke English, and they did speak a little bit.  Not very much, but enough to figure out what I wanted done with my hair.  I was a little worried, but figured I would go for it anyway.  

It turned out just fine, and the haircut meets my expectations.  Not quite as good as Jackie in Pullman, but this new dew will do me well.  Fortunately I wasn't given a Eurohawk, or any of the crazy hairstyle they enjoy over here in Europe, and it only cost me 140 SEK.  ($21.47 USD)  

Overall, I am pleased with my European haircut experience.  Phew.

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Dawna said...

want to show us a picture of your new "do?"