Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tracks To Nowhere

Look at these train tracks, they don't go anywhere.  Cool design, but not very useful.  I'm sure they were used for something way back when, but not much anymore.  Not nearly as cool as the stairs to nowhere on the campus of WWU though.  This picture was taken near Slussen, overlooking Sodermalm ( I think that translates to "South of the City" ).  

It was 0˚C today, but in reality much colder than that.  I spent most of the day near the water, and it really froze me through.  I had to go into Stockholms Stadsmuseum for awhile to thaw out.  It was a really cool museum with lots of exhibits about Stockholm's past.  It was free too, but unfortunately, no pictures were allowed.

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Paul said...

Some of the museums around the world are largely under appreciated. It takes the curious traveler to go and uncover some of the jewels that these places have to offer.