Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Green hat People

So I've been doing an internship for a company called Green hat People.  They are a company who creates games that can be played via your phone (spelas med mobilen), using Java applications.  They have a number of games.  Some are fast-paced and some are a bit slower.  Their games range from action games, team building, treasure hunts, to a tour of the Old Town (Gamla Stans Stadsvandring).

Their main target right now is corporations, selling their games to corporate companies as team building activities,  as well as for activities during corporate events or conventions.  The games they sell can be played by as few as 12 people, and up to as many as 1,000.  I think to date their biggest game was played by a group of 700.

Some of the games they sell are The Hunted (Spelet Jagad), The German Order (Spelet Tyska Orden),  Team Building : The Creative Mission (Teambuilding: Det Kreativa Uppgradet), Sigtuna Treasure Hunt (Sigtunaskatten), The Big Game (Stora Spelet), Old Town City Tour (Gamla Stans Stadsvandring), Find Me (Hitta Mig), as well as a few more.

I've been creating posters for them, helping them sell the games, as well as taking pictures for use in their games.  Today we finished up The Old Town City Tour (Gamla Stans Stadsvandring), and used 44 pictures that I took.  I've been helping out the main scriptwriter (Lars) for the tour, and we've gone on it together twice.  After taking a number of pictures, I did quite a bit of color correction, because Stockholm is usually pretty grey outside, to make them look fairly vibrant.  Then we edited them and gave them to the computer guy to upload to the application.  After that the game was a go. 

After all of that happened, the CEO, Pres. & Vice Pres. (Niklas, Alexis, & Erik) went out to take the tour.  They knew the basis of the questions and whatnot, but hadn't seen the finished product, so it was their first time taking the tour.  Lars and I followed behind with phones as well, "officially" taking the tour for the first time.  

There were a few bugs that we will have to fix, but that was part of the reason we tested it out.  All three of the guys loved it.  They had a few suggestions, but told us we did a really good job.   They said that the pictures really made the tour.  Lars deserves the vast majority of the credit, for scripting the game, but he also told me I did a great job with the pictures, and I'm glad I could help.

This internship is turning out to be pretty cool.  I have been able to create some cool posters, putting a creative spin on their pre-existing posters (actually flyers, not really posters), but giving them a much more exciting feel.  I even made my first "sale" today.  One of their new games I made a poster for, and today it sold for the first time.  They were pumped.

Well that is a little bit about what I have been doing here.  I only have 12 days left, so I am trying to make the most of them.  See some more sites, get some more work done.  All in all, it has been a good experience.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lucas! It was great to have you working for us during a few weeks. We all really appreciated your easy-going personality and the initiatives you took to better the quality of our graphic material. You understood everything quickly and perfectly and contributed in a good way to the team by applying you graphic skills to what we needed for sales and marketing purposes. Welcome back anytime!
Alexis Barnekow, Co-founder & Event Director, Green hat People